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Melbourne Fraud Crime Defense Lawyer

Common Fraud Crimeshandcuffs

Whether a fraud case is prosecuted in state or federal court, the prosecution must prove certain key elements pertaining to the actions. Fraud crimes can be misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the type of crime and circumstances. While a misdemeanor is less serious, the goal should be to avoid any criminal record.

Some of the most common fraud charges include:

  • Obtaining property by false personation
  • Making false statements to obtain property or credit
  • Making false reports by officers of banks
  • False report of commission of a crime
  • Misleading and false advertisements
  • Criminal use of personal identification
  • Insurance fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • Public Assistance
  • Sale of used items as new

The prosecution must prove that the individual had knowledge that their statement was not true, the false statement was of material fact, and another person suffered injury as a result. In addition, the defendant’s intention must have been to dupe the victim.

At Funk, Szachacz & Diamond, our Melbourne fraud crimes lawyers have represented many clients in fraud cases, including some high profile cases. Call today for the defense you need: (321) 360-4446!

Fraud Penalties

    The penalties for conviction on fraud crimes widely vary depending on the type of fraud and whether the charge is a felony or misdemeanor. Some of the possible consequences include large fines, repayment of money gained through fraudulent activity, and jail or prison sentences.

    In some situations, the consequences can be far-reaching and affect your future employment prospects. For example, an individual may lose a professional license or be prohibited from employment in certain professions after a fraud conviction.

    Public Assistance Fraud Penalties in Florida

    Public assistance fraud refers to reporting false information to the government in order to receive certain benefits. Examples of this crime include reporting a lower income or claiming more dependents than one actually has in order to gain tax benefits or government aid. This crime often takes the form of "welfare fraud."

    • If $200 or less was received fraudulently within a 12-month period, the crime is charged as a misdemeanor and can carry a penalty of up to 1 year in jail or probation and a $1,000 fine.
    • If more than $200, but less than $20,000, was received fraudulently, the crime becomes a felony and is punishable by a maximum of 5 years in jail and a $10,000 maximum fine.
    • The penalties increase as the amount of money involved increases. For example, if more than $100,000 was received fraudulently, a convicted person might face up to 30 years in prison.

    Is Fraud a Federal Crime?

    When an individual is accused of committing interstate fraud, federal fraud charges may result. Some common fraud cases prosecuted in federal court include mail fraud and wire transfers. If convicted, you could be sentenced to incarceration in federal prison. Our fraud crimes attorneys in Melbourne have experience in the federal court system and federal trials.

    Organized Fraud Convictions

    Anyone convicted with organized fraud will be charged with a felony. However, they may also be hit with a federal crime charge based on the incident. The consequences of these can be steep, including fines up to a million dollars as well as 30 years in jail. Those who are victims of the fraud may also seek financial remedies.

    If you are facing fraud charges in state or federal court, call (321) 360-4446 for the legal advice you need.

    Our Case Results

    From murder charges to alleged fraud, our case successes speak for themselves. Our clients themselves testify to the premium care that our firm holds as a standard for all of our cases.
    • Dismissed A prominent European inventor, Mr. R. was accused of corporate espionage. He was arrested and formally charged with Theft of Trade Secrets, Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Grand Theft, Grant Theft over $100,000.00 and Organized Trafficking of Stolen Property. After hotly-contested pre-trial litigation, the Government conceded and dismissed all charges. Corporate Espionage White Collar/ Fraud
    • Dismissed A popular teacher, Mr. J. was arrested and charged with Organized Fraud and 8 additional felonies of Fraud. After a year-long investigation and consultation with experts, the attorneys demanded a speedy trial. Consequently, the Government dismissed all 9 counts against Mr. J. Organized Fraud and 8 additional felonies of Fraud. White Collar/ Fraud
    • Dismissed A well-respected Arizona business man, Mr. F. was the target of a Federal investigation involving bribery and bid rigging for jet parts in the U.S. Navy. The attorneys successfully thwarted any indictment and further criminal prosecution. Bribery and Bid Rigging for Jet Parts in the U.S. Navy White Collar/ Fraud
    • Dismissed A prominent cardiologist, Dr. S. was accused of Insurance Fraud. Funk, Szachacz & Diamond was asked to join her defense team. After agreeing to represent Dr. S., the firm successfully facilitated a resolution resulting in no criminal convictions for Dr. S. Insurance Fraud White Collar/ Fraud
    • Dismissed Mr. G. was the target of a massive investigation by the Office of the Statewide Prosecution. The Government was alleging a 15 county fraud throughout Florida as a result of three devastating hurricanes. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office assigned an Agent to work full-time to investigate Mr. G. After the firm took the unusual step of calling the Agent and the Assistant Statewide Prosecutor as witnesses in a pre-trial hearing and after demanding a speedy trial, the Government abandoned its prosecution on the morning of trial thereby completely exonerating Mr. G. 15 County Fraud Throughout Florida White Collar/ Fraud
    • Dismissed A prominent home builder, Mr. J. was arrested and formally charged by the Office of the State Attorney with 1st degree Organized Fraud, Felony False Statement and 2nd degree Felony Misapplication of Funds. After the firm conducted a massive 3.5 year pre-trial investigation and amid an ABC News exposé on Mr. J., the Government dismissed all counts. 1st Degree Organized Fraud, Felony False Statement and 2nd Degree Felony Misapplication of Funds. White Collar/ Fraud
    • Acquitted Mr. Q. was arrested and formally charged with 5 counts of Sexual Battery and 1 count of False Imprisonment. After the lawyers conducted an extensive investigation, Mr. Q. demanded to have his day in court. After a jury trial, Mr. Q. was acquitted of all Sexual Battery counts as well as the False Imprisonment count. 5 Counts of Sexual Battery and 1 Count of False Imprisonment. White Collar/ Fraud
    • Dismissed A U.S. Postal Worker, Ms. S. was the target of a Federal Fraud investigation. After providing handwriting exemplars and the firm conducting pre-trial investigation, the firm successfully thwarted any prosecution. Federal Fraud Investigation White Collar/ Fraud
    • Dismissed Mr. C was a CPA charged by the United States with multiple counts of felony fraud against the I.R.S. and facing numerous years in Federal prison. Attorneys successfully defended Mr. C. resulting in no incarceration. Multiple Counts of Felony Fraud Against the I.R.S White Collar/ Fraud
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