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The Law Offices of Funk, Szachacz & Diamond is a Florida-based law firm that offers only Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys. Each criminal attorney in Melbourne Florida at our firm focuses on criminal trials, post-conviction and appellate litigation. As a firm, we are dedicated to consistently providing quality legal services to our clients in an efficient, professional and effective manner. We do so while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and ethical standards.
The Law Offices of Funk, Szachacz & Diamond's criminal practice encompasses all types of felony and misdemeanor accusations. We zealously defend those accused of crimes in both Federal and State Courts. In addition to its trial practice, the firm also concentrates on all phases of the appellate process in order to provide its clients with a full scope of legal services.
The Law Offices of Funk, Szachacz & Diamond share a common background of the highest level of recognition by the Florida Bar for their competence and experience in criminal trial law as approved for certification by the Supreme Court of Florida.
The firm's excellence and achievements are evidenced by the fact that it has represented prominent people/families of the legal, political, judicial and business communities, including a judge, doctors, NASA employees, police officers, teachers, athletes and other attorneys.
Kepler B. Funk, ESQ.
- Board Certified Attorney
Keith F. Szachacz, ESQ.
- Board Certified Attorney
Alan S. Diamond, ESQ.
- Board Certified Attorney